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Chipster is a user-friendly analysis software for high-throughput data. It contains over 360 analysis tools for next generation sequencing (NGS), microarray, proteomics and sequence data. Users can save and share automatic analysis workflows, and visualize data interactively using a built-in genome browser and many other visualizations. Chipster's client software uses Java Web Start to install itself automatically, and it connects to computing servers for the actual analysis. Please see the Chipster main site for courses, updates and other information.

Chipster is a part of services provided by ELIXIR - European research infrastructure for biological information and maintained maintained by CESNET as a participant of the project. For other services provided by ELIXIR's Czech Republic Node visit www.elixir-czech.cz/services .

Computational resources were provided by the ELIXIR-CZ project (LM2015047), part of the international ELIXIR infrastructure. Access to computing and storage facilities owned by parties and projects contributing to the National Grid Infrastructure MetaCentrum, provided under the programme "Projects of Large Research, Development, and Innovations Infrastructures" (CESNET LM2015042), is greatly appreciated.


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